We wish you a Merry Christmas….

Yes i know its late but im just looking through my diary for the last month so that i can then start a new year all up to date. Im having a day of organising so this is why this has also been added to my list.

Most of the last month or so has been much of a muchness (real word honest) but there has been some exciting/busy/fun/scary things happen. (not all at once btw as that would be crazy)

As usual the run up to Christmas was really busy. Starting on the 12 dec we had our Cluster Christmas meal at our house. Jono cooked a roast pork dinner for 22 of us which was amazing. Its a good job we have a long lounge and two tables that can be extended. There wasnt much room left in the lounge but we all managed to squeeze in.

On the Sunday we had an early party to celebrate my birthday on the following Wedneday. I decided to have a tea and cakes party. So all weekend Jono was busy preparing lots of little cakes. I think he must have made about 150 but there were nearly 30 people here so it wasnt that many each ha ha ha. The only things he didnt make were some baileys profiteroles which were amazing. I also managed to get some of my pressies early as he had brought me some nice cups & saucers & plates from Whittards and also a gorgeous glass cake stand so i got to use them at the party.

Most of the cakes got eaten which we were pleased about but when i popped to the cellar than evening i found a huge plate of about 20 chocolate tarts. Jono took them to work the next day.

The following day i was due to be singing with choir at a J John (have i spelt that correct?) but that morning i had a bit of an incident with the car so i couldnt. It was really icy and the car windscreen had really thick ice. Even de icer wasnt shifting it, so i decided to lean into the car to switch the engine on to warm everything up. Our street is generally flat but as we get so used to parking on hills i just get into the habit of leaving the car in gear. The handbrake was on though so even if i had put the engine on fully the car should have stalled. Anyway as you can probably guess the car didnt stall and it started rolling down the street towards a busy road and a car parked straight ahead of me. I then realised to stop the car i was going to have to dive in head first and manually stop the car by putting my hand on the break. This would have worked brilliantly but i must have clipped the stearing wheel with my hip and i ended up turning the car and it crashed into next doors wall.

The door ended up crushing my leg and i couldnt get out the drivers side. Fortunatly there was a woman coming down the street with her dog. (ironically if i had of left the car she would have seen in soon after crash into hers, so its a good job i stopped it). She helped me crawl out of the passenger side and checked if i was ok. I then rang Jono and when he got home we popped to minor injuries as my back was hurting and my knee had doubled in size. Fortunatly it was only badly bruised and the only damage to the wall was blue paint on it. The car however although wasnt majorly damaged it was enough for it to not be road worthy. Not the best time for it to happen the week before Christmas but i should be getting my car back tomorrow so that is good. I broke up from work that Thursday so apart from having to go in to work on the 29th to sort out Decembers invoicing we didnt really need both cars and had managed to sort out who got Jonos car each day. We have felt really fortunate to have two cars and it could have made things really difficult as Jono always needs his for work and it would make it really difficult for me to get to work etc without one.

On the Wednesday it was my actual birthday. I ended up working as i only work till lunch time anyway. Jono then picked me up and we went to a chinese buffet which was lovely (we also went there Christmas eve as chinese is a bit of a family tradition now) anyway after food we went to the cinema to watch White Christmas. It was so great to watch a classic on the big screen. I was suprised that Jono enjoyed it as he doesnt really like films but i make him watch one on my birthday as its the only chance i can get to drag him to the cinema. I do go with friends though but its nice to go with him aswell. We then got home about 7pm and i finally got to open my pressies as i hadnt had chance to earlier in the day. A lovely day.

Just before Christmas we also had some nice evenings at friends parties and enjoyed some mince pies and mulled wine.

On the Sunday before Christmas i got asked to do a reading in the carol service at the church i work at. I was really nervous as i have never been asked to do a reading before and the church is really posh. It went well though and i really enjoyed it. I even got told i used my posh voice ha ha ha (didnt know i had one)

Christmas day we went to my parents for the day, so we went to the morning service at my old church in Walsall. It was a lovely relaxing day which is just what we wanted.

On boxing day Jono’s parents and grandparents came for the day which was also nice.

Christmas week was so lovely and relaxing (apart from going to the sales ha ha) and then on New years eve we went to some friends to have tea and we played mega monopoly. A perfect end to the year.

L x

All things bright and beautiful!!!

This is my first post using the new wiblog site and although i like it, its taken a bit of getting used to. I do like the managing layout though and look forward to getting used to it all.

There have been some changes of my own since the last time i posted.  I have been asked to sing  with the worship team at church and also while the choir leader is on maternity leave i have been asked with another woman to help lead the choir with the deputy leader. I have also started to lead a walking group with my cluster. The cluster is very activity based. At the moment there are three walking groups. One which Jono helps run which is a 10mile walk once a month. The second is around 6 miles which is also once a month. The third (mine) is more of a gentle stroll (not easy when you live in a city with 7 hills) still quite a distance but a flatter walk looking round parks and gardens etc. I have been involved in the 6 mile walks and can cope generally fine until we come to a big hill and either my knee gets a bit sore or my sciatica plays up a bit. My problem has never been distance walking wise but generally how hilly it gets so the walks that i am leading should be a nice balance.

I have also for the last three weeks started doing aquarobics again. I have been really enjoying it and its been nice to be in the water doing different things rather than just swimming. I just wish there were more classes in the pools where i live.

My nephew came up to visit the other week which was really great. He is nearly 15 and taller than me now and even takes a bigger shoe size than Jono. We did loads of fun stuff and he also got me addicted again to Crash Bandicoot on the ps1. I used to love it and it was great to play it again.

We have also had some friends visit which was great and we have also been to visit parents. We are still in the process of sorting out what we are doing for Christmas, not the easiest task when there are pets involved but hopefully we will see plenty of both sets of parents.

I realised last week that i really enjoy the build up to Christmas. Even just walking round Sainsburys and seeing all the Christmas pressies and food. I actually enjoy Christmas shopping and card writing and Christmas letter writing etc. Im really looking forward to the Christmas market in a couple of weekends time and also having the million Christmas meals with friends and work etc. One evening we are attempting to cook a seated roast dinner for around 25ish people in our lounge. 

I love reading my Good housekeeping magazine but it always gets me thinking that sometimes it gives an unrealistic view of how we should celebrate things over the year.  For example it made me smile when during the Easter issue it gave reciepe ideas for a  big family Easter sunday meal or it said ” you may be just doing an intimate dinner for 8 with friends” ha ha ha. Saying that though i do enjoy making the house look nice etc. I even have Christmas loo roll and washing up liquid <blush> but most of all though i couldnt imagine Christmas without going to church and singing carols and hearing about the birth of Jesus which is what the celebration is all about. Last year we were so busy over Christmas and then as some of you may remember four days before Christmas i ended up in hospital with Pancreatitis and was in for 8 days and finally allowed home on the 28th by which point we had to cancel going to a wedding and our new years eve plans. I only got to see family from my hospital bed and missed my grandad in law trying to shoot George (the cat) with the end of his walking stick. George wasnt impressed, aparantly. This year although we are busy we also plan to pace ourselves,enjoy everything and most of all relax. I want to be able to spend time with my lovely husband and family and celebrate being together and the real reason for Christmas.

L x


No im not on about my hair although my friend Justine has been trying to get me to have them now for over 10 years ha ha.
All week i have been thinking that i must write about my choir retreat and a great film that i suprisingly liked, so here i am finally getting round to doing it.
Actually before i start i dont know if anyone else finds this, but this morning i have woke up and its actually felt like a proper saturday morning. It hasnt done that in ages. The sun is shining, Both me and Jono are at home (jono hasnt gone to the allotement) and we are having a relaxing morning pottering, having breakfast etc and it doesnt feel like there is any rush or that its wasting any part of the day. Not sure if that is going to make sense but thought id mention it as its nice.
Anyway first of all the film. Every 1st & 3rd Monday evening i have choir but on the other Mondays i go to the cinema with my friend Leanne. There were slim pickings last week but a film called ‘Rock on’ caught my eye. Its basically about a group of friends who had an Asian rock band in the 90s but then problems meant that they split up and lost contact. The film shows them 10 years on.
I hadnt clicked till they said at the ticket counter that it was going to be a bollywood film and in subtitles. I have seen the odd subtitled film before so that didnt really bother me. We were also in the posh cinema aswell for some reason so got the extra comfy seats (very lovely).
We missed the first couple of minutes as there were no trailers and the queues were huge but we soon got into it.
The film was amazing. They spoke in English some of the time which would have been confusing but as they kept the subtitles on you stopped noticing the change in language and just concentrated on the film itself. I would even go as far to say its been my favourite film so far this year. Even more than Sex & the City, but only just 😉
My other highlight over the last week was last weekend going on our choir retreat. I have been in the choir for over 2 years now and i absolutly love it. Its not just for women but we do have a great shortage of men so we are going to start recruiting soon.
When i was packing on Friday day it felt really wierd as i kept regressing back to thinking i was going on a school or youth weekend away. I think it was probably because i knew we were going to be in basic accomodation and sleeping in bunk beds. Plus we were all travelling together on a mini bus.
Once we got there we knew there would be no mobile reception so after we sorted out our luggage, beds etc i decided to ring Jono on the public phone in the building. Now i havnt used one in ages as i have had my mobile to make any calls/texts etc. Regression must have kicked in again as before i could stop the call my dad answered. I had rung my parents number rather than home.
There was due to be 26 of us on the weekend but only 19 made it in the end. The ages for us all ranged from 16- 60s. We are all from different churches and have different backgrounds but the choir links us together. We are always noisy at choir paractice and chatting away long after the practice as finished so i knew this weekend wasnt going to be a quiet one and i was right.
We had a choir director come in for a couple of hours on the saturday and sunday to learn us a new song which although i didnt like at first it has really grown on me. We had some powerful worship times aswell. On the Saturday morning we also went for a walk and walked up this big hill. I was near the front and my sciatica only hurt a little bit. I think being at the front helped as it can make the walk harder if you can see everyone else in front.
Anyway we were walking for a short while after we got to the top and ended up having to turn back as the singing time was due to start. The walk down ended up being worse and i hadnt realised how steep we had walked. Not good for the knees, but it was good for burning off the huge cooked breakfast we had all eaten. The food the whole weekend was amazing and the cakes also which everyone brought along. No diet for that weekend. By Sunday i felt like i wanted to fast (have never felt that before)
Anyway after the singing time some of us decided to go for another walk. This time the hill wasnt as bad but my sciatica was playing up abit so i decided to leave the small group and have a nice walk in the other direction as it was all flat. Now i love chatting as much as the next person but it was nice to get a bit of solitude. The quiet walk was just what i needed.
The choir really bonded over the weekend. We played lots of card games including Spoons and Scabby Queen. Yes it was me who taught the latter and yes it was wierd being called scabby by my respected choir leader ha ha.
All in all i think it was an amazing weekend and i think it has definately brought the choir closer. We learnt so much about each other. One being that we have some childhood sports stars in the group and the posh doctors wife used to be a dancer on ‘The Tube’ (80s music program) not the London Underground as some of the more niave ladies thought.
It also confirmed that it is right to stay in the choir. I really want to go back to college to study interior design. The course is on a Monday night so it would mean that i would miss choir till next June. Although its something i want to do career wise it wasnt sitting right in my mind that i would miss choir. Anyway for months i had it in my diary the date my enrolement was and even put it on the calender and told Jono so i knew it was on the Tuesday. The enrolement was in August and on the night before i checked the website to make sure that it hadnt changed to find it had been moved to the Monday. I phoned up first thing on the Tuesday to find out that it had filled up already. I was gutted but it also felt good that i wouldnt be missing choir. Im hoping that the day changes next year or that they put on more that one course.
Anyway its now 12pm so i am going to get cracking again on potting plants etc.
L x

No more agency work yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I have lived in Sheffield now for 4 years and although i have been working constantly (give or take a couple of weeks) it has all been agency work. My shortest placement was for 8 days but my longest was for 2.5 years. It has taught me so many skills one of which learning to be the new girl which even though i am generally confident, can be a little daunting all the time.
Just before i started my last placement i was told it was an ongoing role which i thought was great until i actually read the paperwork and it stated that it was only till the end of September. When i asked the agency about it they said oh its the council, dont worry about it they always give a date but its always ongoing. Hmmmm turned out it wasnt. For a while i have been trying to see what work is out there but have tended to slip back into the easiness of the agency finding me work. After i found this out though i just thought enough was enough. To be honest the place i was working at was lovely. Although it was a bit quiet work wise the staff were nice, so that wasnt really the problem. I was just wanting a bit more security in knowing that a job was mine.
The other week i saw a job advertised at church for a enquiries/room booking person at one of the local parish halls. After being interviewed they hired me. It meant leaving my agency job early but they were great about it. It really is a great place to work. I am now in my third week and im really enjoying it. The only downside is that it is only 12 hours a week, but im hoping that it will go up to 20 over the next few months or so as that would be perfect. On my first couple of days my boss brought me a box of biscuits for the drawer and a pot plant to put in my office. My bosses are a married couple in their 50s and are both very sweet.
Other news has generally been the usual stuff… catching up with friends/having meals with friends/coffee with the girls/choir/church/seeing family etc. Some highlights have been going to my friend Hannah’s wedding in London at the end of July. It was a lovely day with the reception at Hilton Docklands. We were hoping to stay over on the Saturday night but we tried to book too late so we stayed somewhere near bye. It was still nice though and it just meant we had to get a taxi at the end of the night. The next day we had a visit to the science museum.
I was actually really proud of myself while i was there. This may sound daft but since the bombings in London i always thought it had ruined it for me ever going to London and especially ever going on the underground again. I actually managed it and didnt even feel nervous which i was really pleased about.
I have also been to my parents a couple of times which has been nice. Jono wasnt able to make the last time so i drove down on my own. My dad met me near Lichfield and we had lunch there first before heading to their house. That evening me & my mom decided to have a little shopping outing and i finally got myself a new iron. I was looking at the bags as i really need a new one but decided against it in the end as i want a nice leather one for Christmas. Saying that though i did find a really nice one in the sale last saturday in town for only £4 so i got that and it should last me nicely for the next few months as mine old one was falling apart.
Last weekend we should have gone camping with our cluster but it was raining really bad so it got cancelled. On saturday me & Jono decided to have a walk into town instead which was really nice. We had a little wonder round the shops and then had a coffee/hot chocolate in Starbucks. Jono had some book vouchers so he managed to get a couple of new OS maps for the place he is camping at with the boys in a couple of weekends time. We also used up a credit note in TJ Hughes and got some bargains. That evening there was a cluster pub meal instead which was great and the food was beautiful. On sunday we ended up being on coffee duty at church and then in the afternoon a couple of church and their 3 boys came for tea which was hectic but great. The week before there was 11 of us round the table so i cant decide which was more busy. Both were fun though. I do love having a table full of people at meal times.
This weekend I am going on a weekend away with the girls from choir. Its going to be great and it will be lovely to spend a weekend with everyone.

L xxx

Ok who stole the the last 3 months?

Where on earth does the time fly?
I know the weather hasnt been all brilliant but i have been really enjoying the summer so far. Whether that is because i havnt been working much im not sure but i suppose it helps.
I finished at the Uni in May as there wasnt much point me being there if the students wasnt and apart from a 2 week placement at the council doing online shopping for people who cant leave their homes i havnt worked since.
The Council job was fab btw. I really loved it and would have loved to have accepted the offer of staying longer but they needed someone straight away and i had just booked 2 weeks holiday.
I have been offered the odd job when i got back but they were either in Rotherham and only for a couple of days or i had family commitements that i couldnt change.
I would love to be able to say that not working as meant that my house is totally spotless, but that would be a lie ha ha. Its generally tidy though and i sort out little projects that need doing to make the most of being off.
Its been a bit boring at times but its been lovely to meet up with friends, go to the cinema, pop to see family etc.
We have both been for some weekends away also. One of them being up to Newcastle. I worked for a church there about 13 years ago and it was the youth leaders 40th party. It was so lovely to catch up with people and see how people are getting on. I cant believe it had been that long since i had seen them and there have been lots of changes. It made me feel old when i realised all the kids now were in their mid/late 20s and most of them have now moved away. It was good to see who we did though.
In the same week i also met up with a lad i knew in Newcastle at the time. His sister was in the youth group and we both shared a love of Kareoke ha ha. Again i couldnt believe it had been so long since i had seen him. The joys of facebook. That is the side of facebook i like. Not the silly applications and poking, its the catching up with old friends and keeping up with their news/photos etc that i like.
We have also had another visitors week at church and this time we had 3 American ladies staying with us. We always enjoy visitors week although this one was a bit tougher than usual, but on the whole they were lovely ladies.
The biggest thing we have done over the last month or so is go on holiday. We were heading down south for a family wedding (which was fantastic btw and i got to hold babies alot so that was also wonderful)
The wedding was in Portsmouth so we decided to make the most of our time there and visit friends. After the wedding we decided to also make the most of a cheap flight from Bournmouth and popped to the apartment in Spain for 5 days.
This ended up being our itintery for the 10 days.
Day 1- Travel to Hertford- meet up with friends to have lunch
Travel on to Maidstone to meet up with friends, have tea and stay at their house.
Day 2- Spend day with our friends and then head down to Portsmouth for family tea.
Day 3- Family wedding
Day 4- Meet up with friends for lunch in Portsmouth.
Travel on to Southampton for tea and stay over with friends.
Day 5- Have lunch with friends and then head to Bournmouth to fly out to Spain
Day 6-9 Spain then fly back to Southampton and stay over again due to late flight.
Day 10- Travel back to Sheffield

Busy busy time but it was so great to catch up with people and also enjoy a nice break. I really did miss the cats though which i felt really pathetic about. It was the longest we had left them and our usual cat sitter couldnt do it and although we found someone new i was worried they would think we had abandonned them. They generally were fine though apart from following us about for a little bit once we got back to make sure they knew where we were going ha ha.
A couple of weekends ago i also popped back to my parents for the weekend and then Jono caught the train down on the Sunday morning. It was lovely to see them and it was great to spend some time with my nephew. I even helped him with his paper round at 7.30am on the Sunday morning.
I even sneaked in a little trip to Ikea as its so close (10 mins away) and met up with my friend in there for a cuppa.
I was there for the weekend as it was my moms birthday the following Tuesday. As i mentioned before, she is a online radio DJ and on the Saturday evening, myself and my nephew helped her do her show. After the show there was a big Kareoke as two of the stations were merging for the evening. You had to pre record your songs and send them in. I did some serious stuff but the shocking rendition of ‘perfect’ by the 3 of us managed to be a highlight of the evening ha ha ha.
Right i think that is enough catching up. Im going to feed the cats and then head off to bed as im cooking tea for 8 of us tomorrow. Hopefully we will just be doing a BBQ if the weather is nice but if not i need to think of what to cook.
Nitey nite

L xxx

Warning possible moaning about to happen.

It’s been a really great couple of weeks. Lots to do etc etc. We have had people here for tea, been out to the cinema. Has a BBQ (weather was good aswell). We have even been to York for a Ship meet. It was really good to catch up with people and meet new ones. Our very own Jack the Lass was there with new hubby (how long is it till couples stop officially being classed as newlyweds?) and it was a lovely afternoon of eating and a small gentle walk round York. Finishing of at Jono’s parents for a cuppa.
I have even had lunch with an old friend who we worked out that we hadn’t seen each other in about 6 years. The joys of Facebook. It was so good to catch up with him and now he is back in the Midlands it should be easier to meet up with him.
He has got this flashy open top two seater car (jag or bmw I can’t remember). Anyway I have never really been bothered by cars but was amazed how much I enjoyed being in it with the top down. It was a lovely day and the breeze was fab. I don’t think there is anything wrong with our cars but to go from that to a Skoda estate didn’t seem as much fun, but alas I can get more shopping in the Skoda so it’s not all bad 🙂
Last Sunday, the choir im in sang at a wedding in Dronfield which was lovely. I always love it when we sing at weddings as you also get a great view of the bride and groom. They both looked stunning and the service was great .
*Warning* this point is where I start moaning 🙂
Last Tuesday evening I spotted that the boiler in the kitchen had water leaking from it. It has happened before but there has always been a reason. This time there wasn’t, so Jono rang up the boiler people. We ended up having to turn it off which resulted in not hot water and no heating. At the moment the weather is lovely but last week the evenings were freezing so it wasn’t too pleasant.
On the Thursday the engineer rang to say that he was going to arrive in the afternoon. I told him I get home from work at 2pm but he said I need to finish work by 1pm as he would be there before 2pm. He actually arrived at 3.30 grrrrr. He was only there for about 2 minutes and diagnosed a faulty heating exchange and wouldn’t no when it would be fitted as it needs to be ordered.
When he left I rang up the boiler people to moan and I managed to get through to the most uninterested/unhelpful man in the world. In the end I got so frustrated with him I told him that I will leave him to get back to his precious job as he is obviously so good at it. <blush>
It got to Saturday and we still hadn’t heard anything so I rang up the boiler people and were told that an engineer would be ringing Monday. As it was bank holiday we had planned to go on a walk with some friends and then have a BBQ at ours. I ended up staying home for when he rang but alas he never did (surprise surprise).
On Tuesday (yesterday) I rang them up and they told me that I shouldn’t have been told an engineer would be ringing. The part they need to order is big so they need to gain authorisation that we can have it????? and the authorisation form didn’t go in until yesterday. She said that it shouldn’t be a problem but will take a couple of days to sort. I told her that it was a problem to me as we have had no hot water for over a week now and it’s getting expensive going swimming every morning to have a shower before work. Over the weekend friends took pity on us and we showered there which was good, but not practical on a weekday morning when they are getting ready for work themselves.
I had so better get buns of steal with the amount of times I have been swimming 😉
*moan over*

L xxx


As its already Thursday i thought i should write about last weekend as it was lovely. Now we didnt do anything exiting or extravagant but it was more just lovely, relaxing and productive. My favourite kind of weekend.
It had already been a good and busy couple of weeks as id been to the cinema twice. We watched 27 Dresses and the second time I went I saw step up 2, The streets. I can’t decide if it made me feel old or cool (not that you can’t be both of course).
We have also been to the pub with our cluster and also with the allotment group that Jono is a part of and we did really well in the quiz. They have a great quiz sheet that I hadn’t seen before. There are 25 questions and you put them in the answer boxes which are spread on a 5 box X 5 box page. Once all the answers are put in, the quiz master gives out the answers but not in any order. It’s like bingo style and then it’s the first team to get a row of 5 correct answers. My dad sometimes organises quizzes and keep meaning to tell him about it. If you’re reading this dad aka Pater 😉 then this is my way of telling you about it so I don’t forget ha ha.
It was also really nice to briefly catch up with people from my old job as a load of us met up to commiserate the closing of the department. I could only stay a couple of hours though as me and Jono were meeting up with our cluster at the pub.
I have met up with some friends for coffee and also had a little trip to Dunhelm with a friend as she had never been before and is getting her own house soon. Lots of fun and bargains to be had. I was really good though and just brought two packs of tie backs for 25p a pack in the sale. Amazing.
Anyway to get to the point of the title, after all that busyness it was great to have a lovely, relaxing and productive weekend.
Friday evening we just stayed in and then on Saturday morning Jono went to the allotment while I had a bit of a lie in. We then spent a couple of hours in the garden. Jono was putting up some trellis and I planted some bulbs and re planted the strawberry plants. We redid the garden a couple of years back but there are still things that need a bit of finishing off or tidying which we haven’t really had the time or weather to do, so we made the most of it on Saturday.
We then had some lunch and we both commented how nice it was when we realised we were eating bread that I had made and soup that Jono had made and got out the freezer the night before.
After lunch we showered and had a productive afternoon of getting a bit of shopping in for the week. We waiting till Saturday as Jono had to take some slippers back so we thought we would shop at the same time. We also got rid of all the recycling while we were there and also popped to the charity shop on the way to drop off some clothes. The evening we just spent on the computer or in front of the telly.
On Sunday we went to church and after having lunch at home decided to spend a couple of hours at Starbucks having a coffee & cake. We took our books to read aswell which was really relaxing but I could have fallen asleep on the comfy sofa I was sitting on.
That evening I had a go at making a pizza base in the breadmaker. I had enough dough to make a pizza so I decided to use the extra to roll out to make a garlic & rosemary bread. Both came out lovely and as id made that rather than a loaf we took it to work for our lunches on Monday & Tuesday.

L xxx

I forgot to say……

I realised last week that i still havnt mentioned about Jono’s birthday and that last week we went to visit my parents for the weekend. Over the last month we have got to see both sets of parents a couple of times so that has been really nice to catch up with them. While we were at my parents we had planned to try and see if anyone was free and to go to church etc but we were both shattered and enjoyed just relaxing. On the Friday evening Jono went with my dad to the annual Cricket meal and me and my mom had a meatballs and spagetti with was fab.
On the Saturday we popped to Ikea and amazingly only spent about £16. Its far too tempting to go when its only a 5/10 minute drive from my parents house. We did have specific things to buy and stuck to it apart from a new shower curtain. We just needed a plain see through one to put over the tiles part of the shower so it doesnt clash with the other one and such a bargain it was only 85p 🙂
After that we popped to Hooties which is a local cash & carry. Its amazing and always try to pop there when we visit. We then took my parents to Makro. There was only an hour before it shut which was a shame as it would have been good to have a good look round at the bargains but will just have to go another time.
On the Sunday we were going to go to church but Jono wasnt feeling 100% with his cold so we decided to have a lazy Sunday morning. I, to my shame watched "high school musical 1 & 2". I missed the odd bits though but got to see most of it. I actually really like it <blush> and made me wish again that id done more with my singing when i was younger. I sang in school concerts but would have loved to have done some musical theatre etc.
Anyway it was soon time to head back and got home around 8.30ish?
In ref to Jono’s birthday, there were 19 of us in the end and it was a lovely night. The cake seemed to go down really well. So well in fact that once everyone had got their piece and i gave a bit to the bar staff, there was only enough for Jono’s parents to have a slice each the next day when they came to visit. I was really worried about the cake as last year when someone took at bite out of it they pulled a face and put their hand to their mouth as if they were going to be sick. Not what you want people to do when they taste your cooking. Everyone else ate it though and i think (hope) it was just because it was quite rich rather than it being horrible.
It did make me more nervous about making this cake but had to try to stop worrying in the end as at the end of the day it really doesnt matter what they think aslong as Jono liked it (which he did) and that everyone enjoyed the evening (which they seemed to). I will try to work out how to put pics on here to show it you all as (to blow my own trumpet) im quite proud of it.

L xxx